Monday, July 9, 2012

July 5 Update

Hi friends.

We appreciate your prayers for the Southwest Idaho crew at camp this
week, and wanted to take a quick minute and pass on an urgent prayer
request for the Davis family.

As Justin has been here with us at the Washington Family Ranch, he has
continued to be in contact with Kristi as she has been in Salt Lake
City with her family and the boys.

It sounds as if she has had a bit of a rough week, but been holding
fairly steady and waiting for the trial group to begin in Coeur
D'Alene next week.

Today... there were some emerging developments that we wanted you all
to be aware of, and ask you to pass on as best you could to your
friends who are joining us in prayer. I will not be able to forward
to my usual groups, so would appreciate any help you'd be willing to

Kristi's pain level increased quite a bit today (Wed the 4th), and it
sounds like she had quite a bit of numbness in her legs. From what
Justin heard, she was unable to feel or move to her legs in the late
afternoon and evening, and her family was quite concerned. They
checked her into a hospital in Salt Lake, and are in the process of
running and reading a set of full body scans to determine what may be
causing it. It appears she was pretty run down and in a lot of pain
so they were able to help with meds and IV fluids once she checked in.
Sounds like the results of the scan should be available about 2:00
am, and they will proceed from there.

Based on the information we have received, Justin has decided to leave
camp tonight(about 12:50a Thursday the 5th) and head to Salt Lake City
to be with her, regardless of the test results. We were able to book a
flight from Portland to Salt Lake, that should get him to the hospital
about 9am Thursday morning.

Please pray for :

- Improvement for Kristi
- Clear results of the scans
- Smooth travel for Justin to Salt Lake
- Rest for Justin to prepare to be with her as he is wrestling with
this news, and travelling to be with her and the boys.
- Safety in travel, and for Head Leaders Lance and Sun who will be
driving through the night to Portland and back to camp to make this

- For all the Eagle and Meridian kids Justin was leading and working
with at camp
- For the Eagle and Meridian leaders who are still here (Brad, Heidi, and

As every kid and leader heard in camp tonight, Christ had absolute
victory over sin on the cross. 'It is finished'.

There is no doubt, though, that life continues to be full of
challenges, struggles,and so very much we don't understand.

God has that covered as well.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Davis family.

*Matt Romberg*

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