Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11 Update

Justin's prayer requests for today:

1. That Kristi's pain would be better managed.  Her pain has been hovering around a 7 (10 being worst) and they'd like it to be more around a 3 or 4.  The hospice nurse was able to increase her medication, so they are hoping that helps. 

2. They have not been able to sit down and talk to the boys about all that is going on.  So Justin asked that we pray for a good opportunity for them to do that.  As you can imagine, that will be an incredibly hard conversation, so please be praying for that.

As mentioned in the post below, we will be having a short time of prayer for the Davises tomorrow (Thursday) night.  We just want to mention that this will not be a time to visit or see Kristi.  We plan to gather outside, pray, sing a few songs and leave.  We want to bless them by showing our love and support but do not want to overwhelm Kristi.  We hope to see you there!


  1. You are all in our prayers. Praying for comfort, peace and God's beautiful grace.

  2. Praying for your family!! It is a privilege seeing your family give God the glory everyday! You have people that love your family in more places I can even imagine. I pray His peace will bring you comfort daily.

  3. Your family is so deeply loved. Our hearts are so humbled and in awe of your faith and joy amidst suffering, and are so touched by the incredible community of friends and family that surround you. Covering you so tenderly in prayer and love. May God's unfailing love hold your precious family and continue to be a great source of comfort, strength and peace. Love, Ryan, Marla and Faith