Monday, August 20, 2012

Kristi's Memorial Celebration Service

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  1. I just wept through that entire video. What a beautiful tribute to Kristi, and what a challenge it leaves all of us to truly offer ourselves up as a living sacrifice to God. She leaves an incredible legacy behind. If I could even be 1/10 of the woman she was, then I would consider myself great. I am blown away by her service to all those around her, the impact she made, and most importantly that she shared the love of Christ where ever she went. What a gift and a treasure she was.

    The sobs and tears I just had while watching the slideshow at the end, then seeing your sweet son give his mama a kiss and caressing her picture to say goodbye, reminds me that I am SO thankful that this is not the WILL see her again one day.

    I continue to pray for all those who grieve the loss of Kristi, and especially for Justin, Eli, and Jarrell. May the God of all comfort and peace be your strength.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Kristin Dewey